Professional Advisers and Service Providers

MJ Hudson has extensive experience dealing with professional advisers and assisting them in various situations. The team specialises in providing Appointed Representative solution to corporate finance advisers. The team at MJ Hudson also has a long track record of supporting fund administrators, depositaries, and other service providers to fund managers, advisers and investors in alternative assets and broader fund management.

MJ Hudson provides a full suite of legal, regulatory and marketing services to professional advisers and service providers in the fund management and investment industries. Our clients range from newly-formed teams looking to launch and grow quickly, to established market-leaders looking to expand their reach through acquisitions or business development and marketing initiatives.

Our clients in this space tend to be particularly appreciative of our deep understanding of their own client base and the markets in which they operate. This level of insight allows us to help our clients present themselves in the best possible light and also informs the legal and regulatory advice we provide.