Emerging Managers and Spin-outs

MJ Hudson is well-known for the services it provides to fund managers in the early stages of their development and has dedicated services run by extremely experienced practitioners advising new teams, restructured entities and others. We provide these services to hedge funds, private equity funds and the full gamut of alternative strategies, including funds-of-funds and managed/segregated accounts.

As well as a full range of legal and associated advice relating to the creation and establishment of new managers, funds and other entities and vehicles, both on and offshore, MJ Hudson can provide new managers with an entirely outsourced fund management solution and specialised marketing and Investor Relations services.

Having worked ourselves in fund management businesses of all sizes, we understand how to structure for growth and which strategies and advisers can help a fund manager achieve scale, quickly. The range of services we provide in-house allows our clients to focus on their core business, rather than managing supplier relationships and our network allows us to suplement our ofering with specialist expertise when required.

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