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Our Transition Management Solutions business provides the tools and resources to ensure that transition events are executed smoothly, and the explicit and implicit costs of all portfolio changes are minimised.

Our core belief is that the best outcomes stem from an honest, unconflicted and customised approach to providing advice, oversight and analysis. In so doing, we seek to help our clients make better investment decisions consistent with their fiduciary responsibilities.

Our Trading Solutions business supports independent assessment and selection of Outsourced Buyside Trading.  Recent evolution of markets has impacted trading across both the buy and sell-side, resulting in regulatory and cost constraints.   These constraints have resulted in greater desire to outsource certain asset management functions, including Trading.

Our Transitions team is led by Steve Webster, a seasoned transition management professional with over 20 years’ experience at the ‘coal face’. Steve Webster was featured in The Global Investor Transition Management Guide 2020/21.

Track Record – MJ Hudson advised on transitions worth over £50bn in 2019.

Independent – MJ Hudson has no affiliation to the management of assets or investment product

Regulated – MJ Hudson provides regulated advice about the strategy and management of change

Expert – MJ Hudson is the only regulated transition adviser, which has “experienced” transition professionals*

Analysis & Selection – MJ Hudson uses an in-depth survey and review of transition provider when assessing manager selection

Accredited – MJ Hudson is one of three “transition advisers” appointed to the UK National LGPS Framework (MJH / Hymans / Mercer)


"We have a long standing relationship with MJ Hudson Allenbridge who have provided excellent investment support and advice as well as strong reassurance, rigour and challenge relating to our investment portfolio."

Rob Wilson, Worcestershire Pension Fund


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