Kumail Haider


Kumail joined MJ Hudson Spring in 2018 as a Consultant. Kumail has a strong focus in the responsible investment and sustainability space which is complemented by his technical experience in green-house gas control technology. He engages with clients on strategic levels, and delivers ESG analyses for investors, asset managers, and their portfolios. He continues to identify value-creation opportunities and strategies that lead to positive client operations.

Areas of Expertise


Kumail has a Ph.D. in carbon capture technology from Cranfield University where he published peer-reviewed research and led projects with Cambridge University and Chalmers Institute of Technology. He also holds a MSc in Renewable Energy and a BSc (hons) in Applied Chemistry.

Recent engagements

  • Managed the analyses of several ESG projects for Asset Manager (or Limited Partner) clients and created risk and exposure profiles for their portfolios. His analyses provides Asset Managers with specific levers that enable strategic engagements with their General Partners.
  • Led annual ESG assessments of General Partner clients and their portfolio companies where he performed ESG materiality assessments with company engagement and strategic reporting. These reports details potential exposures and value-creation opportunities with tangible targets to enhance a portfolio company’s ESG proposition.
  • Delivered numerous pre-acquisition ESG due-diligence assessments in a wide-range of industries. These assessments have a focus on ESG issues which could affect the industry and company in the long-term. In combination with the identification of unmanageable risks, he assesses target company’s risk mitigation potential, long-term opportunities and ESG related management.