Kumail Haider


Kumail joined Spring Associates in 2018 and is a Consultant. Kumail has a strong focus in the responsible investment and sustainability space which is complemented by his technical experience in green-house gas control. He continues to engage with clients on a strategic level and deliver analyses for investors and their portfolios, while identifying value-creation strategies that lead to positive client operations.

Areas of Expertise


Kumail has a Ph.D. in carbon capture technology from Cranfield University where he published peer-reviewed research and led projects with Cambridge University and Chalmers Institute of Technology. He also holds a Masters in Renewable Energy and a Bachelors with honours in Applied Chemistry.

Recent engagements

  • Managed the analyses of several ESG projects for international LP investors and created risk and exposure profiles for their portfolios. His analyses provides LP’s specific levers enabling strategic discussion/engagement with their GP’s.
  • Performed ESG analysis of GP clients and their portfolio companies. Conducting ESG materiality assessments with company engagement and strategic reporting, which details potential exposures and value-creation opportunities with tangible targets to enhance ESG propositions.
  • Delivered numerous pre-acquisition ESG due-diligence assessments in a wide-range of industries. The assessments have a focus on the key material ESG themes in the industry and assess the performance of the target company on these themes