Josh Payne

Technology Support Analyst

Josh is a Technology Support Analyst. It is his job to maintain the firm’s IT infrastructure and provide day-to-day support for the staff.


Josh started working in the IT industry at 18 years old, after leaving school for M&G Finances as a coder. Josh then moved into hardware as an apprentice before working his way up to Senior IT Engineer, managing over 700 clients. Josh then moved to MARS where he oversaw the setup of of a new office, whilst also offering support to the users when the office opened. From there, Josh moved to Hostelworld, where he managed a small team.


  • Practitioner ITIL Certificate
  • SharePoint Intermediate Certificate


Josh has always loved football – both playing and watching. He currently plays for a Saturday and Sunday team, and is die-hard Arsenal fan. Josh has traveled around Europe to watch his team play, even braving the minus 17 degree chill in Ukraine!