Ian Bingham

Intellectual Property

A European & British patent attorney and Registered Trade Mark Attorney as well as a Rolls-Royce trained mechanical engineer, Ian is a Director of IP Asset and has some thirty years’ experience in diverse technologies ranging from Aerospace materials to Medical Equipment and has gained much experience in the commercialisation of Intellectual Property.

Ian specialises in drafting commercially focussed patent applications aimed at exceeding accepted standards and requirements throughout the main patent offices of the world and has extensive experience of prosecuting and securing patent protection in Europe, the USA, China, Australia, Japan and many other countries. A “right first time” approach is brought to the initial draft aimed at minimising subsequent amendments and argumentation whilst still securing strong commercially appropriate patents. Ian has developed a streamlined approach to patent drafting based on obtaining an approved set of claims before commencing drafting of the specific description. This approach allows him to ensure all the necessary data and information is collected and highlighted before the lengthy and time consuming process of drafting the application commences. Strong and multiple fall-back positions are discussed and secured and Ian’s strong technical background allows him to contribute greatly to this process.