Bram Klein Kranenbarg


Bram Klein Kranenbarg joined MJ Hudson Spring in 2019 as a Consultant. Bram’s background at various companies in the renewable energy sector combined with strong analytical and interpersonal skills, make him a well-equipped strategy consultant. So far, Bram has been involved in identifying business opportunities in renewable energy, supporting Private Equity firms in ESG portfolio analyses, and helping portfolio companies to release uncaptured ESG value.

Areas of Expertise


During his studies, Bram participated in various committees/boards and pursued several part-time jobs, for example a Junior Project Manager at Solarfields (utility-scale solar PV developer). Bram was responsible for solar PV on water and managed multiple 10MW+ projects. Bram performed a study for wind turbine manufacturer Lagerwey in which he initiated and optimised a condition-based maintenance strategy. His thesis was rewarded with an international thesis award in service and logistics.


Bram graduated from the University of Groningen with a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Management (Cum Laude).

Recent engagements

  • Worked on the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) assessment of a Private Equity firm’s portfolio, collaboratively identified and executed value creation opportunities to enhance the equity story of the individual portfolio companies. Examples include the development of a plan to increase employee satisfaction, positively contributing to absenteeism and employee retention rates at the company, and helping a food processing company to align its corporate strategy with the long-term industry vision, i.e. calculating the carbon footprint and outlining the steps to become carbon neutral.
  • Bolstered portfolio companies in manufacturing and (food) processing industries in reducing their ESG-risk exposure related to energy consumption, labor, and food safety. Specific examples include sharing best practices within the portfolio on monitoring energy flows and setting efficiency enhancement targets.
  • Engaged in a renewable energy strategy for a large multinational company aiming to make a transition from a conventional energy business; segmenting the existing areas of renewable energy, examine which segments were most aligned to the business, and identifying potential investable targets.