Tax-Advantaged Investment Services

Better performance through better research

MJ Hudson Allenbridge provides a dedicated research service devoted to independent commentary on UK tax-advantaged investment products.

MJ Hudson Allenbridge provides a range of research services to wealth managers, IFAs and individual investors, across a wide spectrum of UK tax-advantaged investment products. Our Clients benefit from the strength of our dedicated research team, process, methodology and long-standing knowledge of the market and our commitment to delivering comprehensive and accessible research; alongside up to date information about open offers across the whole tax-advantaged market and tools.

We have been analysing and advising on tax-advantaged investment products since 1985 and have received acclaim for our hard-hitting reports. Our basic research service is a subscription-based research service called the MJ Hudson Allenbridge Tax-Advantaged Investments, used by subscribers across the country.

We offer a full range of independent in-depth reviews across Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs)Enterprise Investment Schemes (EISs)Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEISs) and Business Relief (BR)  and AIM Inheritance Tax Services. Our service covers the majority of all such products in the market, including regular fund updates, so that you are always up to date, as well as covering new entrants, to ensure we can offer the widest market viewpoint possible.

The cornerstones of our research are our independence, our collaborative team approach and our commitment to a robust governance process.

We believe that better performance is achieved through better research, which for us, comes from a good governance process, diverse views and a process free of conflicts of interest.