“Health is the greatest possession.
Contentment is the greatest treasure.
Confidence is the greatest friend.”

Lao Tzu

Recharge is a programme to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of our team members.

MJ Hudson is a high achieving, high standards business. You work hard and a lot is expected of you. We spend a lot of time and effort investing in our people, to ensure that we produce the best team possible. We recognise that we, along with our clients, have high expectations which at times can be highly demanding resulting in large volumes of work and tight deadlines. We want the best out of our team ensuring that each of you develop good working practices early on in your career. This will help prevent burn out in both a physical and mental sense. You are unable to work effectively if your mind and body is unhealthy.

With this in mind, we have implemented the ‘Recharge’ Plan. The objectives of this are threefold.

To promote a healthy and happy workforce with a good work/life balance To encourage every team member to partake in at least one element of the plan

The plan should be constantly evolving, with new elements being added
through a collaborative approach.


We have implemented a number of elements to the plan over the years, the current elements of which are detailed below:


Research suggests that starting the day with a healthy breakfast is good for your brain and bodily health, improving concentration and performance. MJ Hudson offers a daily healthy breakfast for the team – a mixture of berries, porridge, natural yoghurt, wholegrain cereals and herbal teas.


Studies have shown that even a brief massage can enhance performance. All MJ Hudson employees are eligible for a bi-monthly 10 minute head and shoulder massage.

Hudson’s Heroes

Giving something back to the wider community to those that are less fortunate. Hopefully our Hudson’s Heroes experiences give team members a sense of achievement and a chance to experience situations that we don’t normally replicate in our normal working life. Read more about our charity efforts here.

Boot Camp

Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of many medical conditions. MJ Hudson takes part in a weekly ‘Boot Camp’ exercise routine.

Switching Off Emails

If you have a scheduled holiday for more than 4 days, you have the option to switch off your emails from your device for your holiday (so that you cannot send or receive new emails).


Time Out Lunch

Lunch, learn and inspire. Our monthly lunch with a specially chosen TED talk provides an opportunity to share opinions, ideas and thoughts on things you wouldn’t normally discuss with your colleagues.


Regular practice of mindfulness has been proven to have a variety of benefits such as improving focus and creativity, as well as helping to alleviate stress. MJ Hudson hosts fortnightly meditation sessions within the office.

Running Club

Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of many medical conditions. To this end, MJ Hudson holds an informal running club on a weekly basis.


Dynamic yoga classes are a fast-paced workout and a great way to keep in shape. Benefits include improved external health, greatly improved internal health, the ability to better manage stress and greater energy and focus. MJ Hudson host weekly yoga sessions within the office.

Catch – 2&20 Book Club

Reading for pleasure is known to reduce stress, improve memory and enhance focus.  To stimulate the mind, encourage debate, fuel curiosity and analyse books, Catch-2&20 meet once a month to discuss a book chosen by the team.


If you have been with the Company for four years, you are entitled to request a six week for zero pay sabbatical. Sabbaticals often provide the kind of experience that broadens an individual’s perspectives and fosters innovation.


MJ Hudson understands that mental health is just as important as physical health, so has set up MARBLES to break the silence and stigma surrounding mental health, by creating more awareness about its triggers and how best to deal with them.