Working At MJHudson

Working at MJ Hudson means joining an elite team of professionals.

Our 100 employees serve a wide and interesting range of clients, including more than 300 asset managers, 100 institutional investors and a variety of leading advisers and service providers.

I joined MJ Hudson back in 2012 and became the firm’s first trainee solicitor. Since then the firm has grown a great deal and I am pleased to say that it has managed to retain the same down to earth and friendly culture. The work is interesting and varied and you receive excellent training and support to help you grow as a lawyer. The team is very hard working but such hard work is noticed and appreciated.
MJ Hudson has been a great place to build my career: high-profile clients, as much responsibility as you can take on, and a really generous and warm culture. In terms of our investment advisory work, it has been really exciting to be a part of a really ambitious business with real plans for rapid growth while maintaining our independence and putting our clients first. It’s a company I am proud to work for.
When MJ Hudson approached me to buy my business, I was flattered and excited. Having worked in the business as a consultant for a number of months, I knew that it would be a good fit for me, culturally, and the quality and integrity of the people leading the business convinced me that MJ Hudson would be a great place to build my communications practice, and so it has proved. The collegiate environment means that referrals are frequent and high quality and the entire team brings a collaborative spirit to the workplace. MJ Hudson is a great place to work.

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MJ Hudson is committed to the maintenance of a professional environment that recruits, retains, develops, remunerates and promotes all staff regardless of gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, age, religion or disability. In short, we embrace diversity as fundamental to the promotion of our company’s values and recognise that diversity has an invaluable influence on MJ Hudson and all that we aspire to be.  Click here to view MJ Hudson’s Diversity Statistics.

Recharge Plan

MJ Hudson is leading the way in developing and maintaining employee health and wellbeing. Recharge is a programme set up by MJ Hudson to promote the physical and mental wellbeing our staff.