Recharge is a programme to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of our team members.

We want to protect against burnout and provide the right environment for proactive thinking, creativity and innovation. It has been developed in partnership with a number of specialists who remain closely involved with the implementation of the program.

Elements of the Recharge programme include:


MJ Hudson provides weekly yoga sessions, available to all team members. Yoga is a great way to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Benefits include improved core strength, weight reduction, and increased energy and focus.


Instructor-led mindfulness sessions are run at our offices once per week. Regular practice of mindfulness has been proven in a number of research projects to reduce stress and anxiety, improve health and sleep, and increase creativity.

Head and Neck Massages

Studies have shown that even a brief massage can enhance performance; increasing focus, energy and mental clarity. One of the biggest health benefits of massage is that it can help reduce anxiety, but other benefits include lower blood pressure.



Every Friday morning, our Bootcamp instructor outs the team through its paces. Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of many medical conditions.

Time Out To Count

To ensure full use of the plan, we encourage 8 hours a month spent on these activities, which employees can put towards their billable hourly targets.


The business provides a healthy breakfast for the team including a mixture of berries, porridge, wholegrain cereals and herbal teas. Starting the day this way is good for the brain and for bodily health, improving concentration and performance as well as helping team members maintain a more nutritionally complete diet.

Email Switch-Off

Whilst on holiday, the business actively encourages team members to switch off their work emails.


Sabbatical – If any team member has been with the business for 4 years, they are entitled to request a 6 week sabbatical.