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04 August 2020

Supercharging Engagement with Marketing Analytics – Leveraging Technology to Improve your Reach and Relationships

Date Tuesday 04 August 2020 Time 14:00 BST Key Contacts
Location Online webinar

Please click here to watch the recording.

This webinar will be led Kyle Dunn of MJ Hudson. Kyle has spent more than 25 years implementing marketing campaigns and driving interest into opportunity funnels. He will share his experience and insights on the following discussion topics:

•  The perception that email-based marketing is a retail tactic and not applicable for institutional LPs is misguided.
•  The importance of building awareness across a diverse LP audience.
•  What is lead scoring and why it is applicable for all GPs?
•  What are the online tools required to effectively profile LP interest?

Throughout the session Kyle will take questions from the audience. We anticipate there to be a lively virtual floor, so please feel free to submit any questions that you have upon registration.