MJ Hudson Unveils New Co-Investments Research and Manual

MJ Hudson, the alternative assets consultancy, is pleased to announce the release of its latest guide for investors and GPs: Private Equity Co-Investments, The Manual.

Private Equity Co-Investments: The Manual was written by MJ Hudson’s LP Unit (led by Peter Mallon and Nikhil Nathwani) against the backdrop of a surge in the popularity of co-investments. It aims to highlight the key issues which need to be considered during a co-investment, providing practical advice and technical guidance on the subject. MJ Hudson’s comprehensive guide covers topics from both the LP and GP perspective, including economic terms and structures, legal and tax issues and trends in co-investments.

The guide also includes proprietary data from a review of selected 2016 deals and insights from clients and partners of MJ Hudson, including tax insights from BDO and EY.

Eamon Devlin, Managing Partner at MJ Hudson’s law practice and head of its LP Unit commented “Co-investment rights have become a keenly negotiated feature of private equity funds but their off-table nature means that sometimes the risks and opportunities are not as well understood as they might be. We hope our guide sheds some light on this growing phenomenon.”

This is the second in a series of planned publications, with the aim of clarifying key mechanics of the alternative investments sector. It follows the release of the MJ Hudson guide on How to launch a PE/VC fund, in August, 2016.

To request a copy of the co-investments manual, follow the link below.


Private Equity Co-Investments, The Manual

Covering topics from both the LP and GP perspective, including economic terms and structures and much more.

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