MJ Hudson Flex

MJ Hudson flex is a way for experienced professionals (not juniors or graduates) to work on exciting projects, outside of a traditional, permanent employment arrangement. Applications from MJ Hudson alumni are particularly encouraged, but you do not need to have been an MJ Hudson employee to apply. Once you have completed our vetting process, you will become a member MJ Hudson flex. Members are eligible to apply for short-term, ad hoc and other non-permanent opportunities in MJ Hudson teams, formed to work on specific projects that are a good match for your expertise. The nature of the projects will vary, according to the client and their requirements, but you will be working with MJ Hudson employees and under the MJ Hudson brand. MJ Hudson flex is a great opportunity for experienced people, who are looking for a way to work on high-impact projects, whilst retaining control over when and how they work.

You can apply to join MJ Hudson flex by submitting your CV and a covering letter to