MJ Hudson Allenbridge appoints Pauline Gordon as Senior Adviser

MJ Hudson Allenbridge, a leading UK investment adviser, is pleased to announce the appointment of Pauline Gordon as a Senior Adviser, with additional responsibility to develop new business relationships with UK pension funds and other investors.  Pauline is a trustee to a number of pension plans and endowments.

Pauline started her career as a consulting actuary with Mercer, moving into asset management as a Liability Driven Investment (LDI) / Diversified Growth Fund (DGF) specialist.

Most recently, Pauline worked at Heineken as their Pension and De-risking manager, which included investment responsibilities for the Heineken Irish pension plans. She combined these responsibilities with her key role on the Investment Committee of the €3bn UK Scottish & Newcastle Pension Plan and sitting on the Global Pensions Governance Committee.  Pauline led the Working Party of Trustee and Corporate stakeholders to implement a £2bn longevity swap transaction.