IR and Marketing Solutions (North America) | The story so far…

Formerly 'Meyler Capital'

Q1 2020
Meyler Capital Founded
Introduced "Sonar Marketing" to the alternatives industry - the use of data analytics to profile investor interest
Produced the first hedge fund advertisement in the United States
Announced its 100th unique client
Awarded "Best North American 3rd Party Marketer" by Hedgeweek for the second year running


Meyler was founded to answer one core question, “What do asset managers do after they talk to everyone they know?”

Understanding that all relationship-based sales processes are built on top of universal lead nurturing and brand building efforts, Meyler set out to challenge the alternative investment industry’s widespread belief that marketing (in the true sense of the word) doesn’t matter. Drawing attention to the raw quantity of managers and the homogeneity of performance across strategies, it didn’t take long for Meyler to logically refute this claim.

Working alongside a very small number of marketing specialists (including Matthew Craig-Greene, pre-MJ Hudson), Meyler was a driving force for change, evangelizing the importance of marketing and brand building across the alternative investment industry. Accountable for what was considered the first hedge fund advertisement in the United States; all but introducing the power of video to asset managers. Meyler re-defined expectations pertaining to the design, format and function of marketing decks and was an early adopter of non-traditional digital messaging – promoting comprehensive social media consulting and content marketing services going on to introduce the industry’s first fully digital marketing deck. They were also among the first to offer Brand Strategy development and apply the concept of “story” within the messaging process.

Meyler challenges the misconceptions around what is and is not considered “institutional,” and continues to be one of the industry’s most prominent agents of change.


Meyler was a marketing services and analytics business in the alternatives space, led by a dynamic management team. Their client relationships and digital media expertise made for a compelling combination with MJ Hudson’s existing marketing business. Meyler had a particular expertise in the use of digital data and analytics to optimise clients’ communications with investors and would-be investors. As we head a new era of asset management, MJ Hudson anticipates a greater need in its client base for digital marketing and analytics services. Meyler is a recognised leader in this field, as well as in video, another area where the firm anticipates increased growth.

This move was another small but important step in MJ Hudson’s strategy for growth in North America. Meyler was an unregulated business with an entrepreneurial management team, a client base MJ Hudson understood and scalable services. This deal built on the 200 clients MJ Hudson already had in the US, the largest single market for alternatives clients and funds, and followed the opening of the firm’s New York office announced prior to the IPO.


  • Worked on a number of transatlantic mandates with the UK-based Investor Relations team
  • Won biggest client to date
  • Hosted webinar on marketing analytics which was attended by over 100 people
  • Launched new client communication for gathering data and sharing insights
  • Combined service offering meant bringing the Meyler team’s video marketing expertise to the table
[{"year":"2012","text":"Meyler Capital Founded"},{"year":"2013","text":"Introduced \"Sonar Marketing\" to the alternatives industry - the use of data analytics to profile investor interest "},{"year":"2014","text":"Produced the first hedge fund advertisement in the United States"},{"year":"2016","text":"Announced its 100th unique client\r\n"},{"year":"2017","text":"Awarded \"Best North American 3rd Party Marketer\" by Hedgeweek for the second year running"}]