Conditions: testing
Outlook: changeable

To make progress through choppy waters, you need flexible, creative partners, able to think quickly and act with conviction. That’s us.

We are building the preeminent asset management consultancy.

This is why we are doing it:

  1. We believe that asset management will continue to become more complex: allocations to strategies once considered “exotic” are rising; “alternative” assets are now mainstream.

  2. This means that the information requirements of investors will become yet more demanding.

  3. Further, as less sophisticated investors gain access to more sophisticated investments, increasing pressure for a more robust asset management infrastructure is inevitable.

  4. Consequently, the need for specialist advice and the demand for firms that are able to both design and operate asset management solutions are certain to grow. This, in essence, is our business.

We know that clients are best served by advisers that truly understand them.

Our team’s experience includes time working in-house at fund managers, fund investors, advisers and service providers in both traditional and alternative assets. This has helped us develop what our clients tell us is a uniquely relevant way to deliver our services:

We say “yes”, not “no”

We serve our clients by helping them find a way forwards, not by convincing them to turn back.

We show you every angle

Our multi-service model allows us to draw on multiple perspectives: fund manager, investor, adviser…

We are ready for today and ready for tomorrow

Our experience, creativity and agility help our clients to react quickly and decisively to whatever the day, and  tomorrow, brings.

“Focus and deliverability. No excuses; no mistakes. Only the very large firms can deliver similar quality but at significantly higher costs. Deep knowledge of the PE and Fund worlds.”

Marco Sodi, Volpi Capital