Transition Management Advisory & Oversight

Making a difference to Transition Outcomes

that being actively involved in the transition delivery makes the difference between passively reporting on a result and actively influencing the outcome. Our Oversight and Monitoring consists of:

  • Tracking Deliverables – Utilising out Event Tracker we assess the ongoing deliverables and compare this to the Transition Manager’s project plan (“Run Book”). This include monitoring operational, execution and risk outcomes.
  • Compliance and Controls – The progress of the transition is also monitored for potential compliance and control breaches. This may include failures to disclose affiliated earning or benefits or indeed failure to disclosure errors. Monitoring assists timely resolution, impacting the outcome of the transition.
  • Communication and Alerts – Monitoring and Oversight of any deliverable has limited benefit, unless the signals relating to omissions and or delays can be properly interpreted. Using experience and understanding of transition events allows effective priority and escalation of issues as they happen.

Summary of Project Oversight and Management


UK Transition Management Review

There are now only seven firms offering transition management services to clients in the UK and Europe. MJ Hudson has undertaken a detailed survey of all providers to assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of each firm.

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