Thought Leadership

Showcase your market knowledge, insight and experience in areas important to your clients, partners and other stakeholders.

Investing in a fund is an expensive way to evaluate a manager; signing up a placement firm on a retainer is a bold way to assess its ability. You may be the most skilled fund manager in your market or the most effective placement agent – but until you are hired, how can you demonstrate this?

Having built up a picture of where our client’s expertise lies, we map this onto those areas particularly prized by our client’s audience – a perception study is a useful tool for this. Next, we look for case studies, testimonials and other evidence of this expertise and feature it prominently on our client’s website and through any other available channels. We will also start to create targeted content, such as white papers, research surveys and case studies and help to promote them to key influencers of our client’s audiences, including the press, and to those audiences, directly.

Effective thought leadership campaigns result in an improvement in perception, press coverage and inbound enquiries. Firms that have convincingly demonstrated their expertise have a huge advantage over those that have not.


Brexit Report Vol. 2

The report shows the expected impact of the Brexit vote on headcount in the City and asset flows in and out of the UK, at both industry and asset class levels.

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