Tax-Advantaged Investments Research Subscriptions

Subscribe to MJ Hudson Allenbridge’s online service for VCT, EIS, BR IHT and AIM IHT (ISA) research, including offer details, scoring, research reports and filtering.

We have been providing institutional quality independent research on tax-advantaged investment products to wealth managers, IFAs and individual investors for over 30 years. Our clients benefit from our long standing knowledge of the market, as well as our commitment to delivering detailed and accessible research with the aid of advanced technology.

Our market knowledge is enhanced by our multidisciplinary team. Our analysts, supported by our industry network, work together to carry out research across the tax-advantaged market. We have developed a strong process and comprehensive methodology, with robust governance and an independent investment committee for oversight and review.

We offer a full range of independent in-depth reviews across Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs), Enterprise Investment Schemes (EISs), Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEISs) and Business Relief (BR) and AIM Inheritance Tax Services. Our services cover the majority of the products in the market, are regularly updated and cover new entrants, to ensure that we offer the widest market viewpoint possible.

Our online research platform, AdvantageIQ is the key to facilitating the delivery of all of our research services including research reports, market insights, sector reports, VCT performance and regular news updates. AdvantageIQ is our proprietary system that provides us and our clients with standardisation, greater transparency and improved monitoring for specific tax-advantaged investments and the broader market of tax-advantaged asset managers.

We have expanded our subscription services and other offerings to meet the needs of clients based on their respective functions. We offer three levels of subscriptions: the Classic subscription, the Advanced subscription and the Professional subscription. This allows subscribers to choose the package that best meets their needs as well as their budget.

Individual Research Reports:

All our research reports from the last 12 months are available to purchase individually. Each report costs £95 (excluding VAT). Please contact us to place your order or if you have any queries regarding our research reports.


Tax-Advantaged Investments Ratings Methodology

In this document, we set out our process, detailing what each of the Factors are, explaining the rationale for each, and how we assess and score the Sub-factors. This methodology is not an exhaustive treatment of all Factors reflected in our approach, but it should enable the reader to understand the key considerations used by MJ Hudson Allenbridge in our analysis.

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