Tax-Advantaged Investment Platform

MJ Hudson has a proprietary online due diligence and reporting platform called, AdvantageIQ. This system is how we collect information, perform our analysis and deliver reports to our clients, across the tax-advantaged investment market.

There are a number of services available to our clients on this platform:

  • Panel Solutions – including panel creation, monitoring and due diligence research services
  • Advantage Select – a curated product self-selection research subscription service
  • Tax-Advantaged Investment Open Offer Database – A free listing and filtering service for advisers and managers (this does not include research)
  • Data Collection Services – We are able to collect and package due diligence data from managers and provide these to our investors.

The system is fully auditable, tracking all changes made creating the audit trail required to meet our client’s compliance-related needs. The system allows us to collect information, perform our analysis and deliver reports to our clients. We are also able to provide live information feeds and access to moderated data and offer documentation, all delivered centrally via customisable online panel dashboard and product fact sheets.

Please contact us, so that we can discuss how we can find the correct solution for you.

Tax Advantaged Investments Rating Methodology

Our approach to looking at tax-advantaged investments is broadly divided into two core assessment areas: Manager and Product. Both consist of sub-categories (“Factors”) which are then further broken down into key components (“Sub-factors”). Each Factor is scored and aggregated back to an overall score for key aspects of both Manager and Product.

In this document, we set out our process, detailing what each of the Factors are, explaining the rationale for each, and how we assess and score the Sub-factors. This methodology is not an exhaustive treatment of all Factors reflected in our approach, but it should enable the reader to understand the key considerations used by MJ Hudson in our analysis.

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