Strategic Planning & Modelling

Access the very best commercial advice on matters of company restructuring, investment strategy, spin outs and buyouts, M&A transactions, and equity raises.

Companies will almost all at some point be faced with strategic decisions regarding growth and how best to achieve long term goals. When appointing an adviser in these situations, it is vital to engage with a firm that can provide a perspective from numerous vantage points. Proceeding without understanding the motivations and capabilities of counter-parties and the likely reactions of stakeholders can lead to extended or broken transaction processes and sub-optimal outcomes in terms of valuations and use of resources. The distractions caused by inefficient transactions can be difficult to overcome.

The MJ Hudson team has a wealth of experience across private equity, technology and real estate, having advised on numerous restructuring initiatives and taken part in a significant number of transactions on both buy and sell-side. We can help introduce and negotiate with investors or simply advise on a potential restructure or repositioning of your business.

By taking the time to ensure that we have a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and objectives, we are able to give clear and actionable advice that supports our clients, both in the short and long term. As well as providing strategic advice, our team can conduct the financial modelling and business planning required to achieve your objectives. This is true whether the exercise is for internal or external consumption.

With our help you can develop a clear-cut business strategy and use our transparent and accurate financial planning and modelling to ensure the profitable execution of that strategy. Naturally, MJ Hudson can provide you with additional services and advice, as well as access to our network of investors and third-party specialists.