Selection and Review of Investment Managers

Find the right fund managers using our customised, independent manager selection services to institutional investors.

Asset management has become increasingly complex and global in nature and risk has risen accordingly. Identifying talented managers who consistently outperform has become a more and more difficult and intricate process. Moreover, we recognise that each client is different. Each manager search is unique and reflects different sets of needs, priorities and goals.

Our selection process is designed to be free of bias, focused entirely on our clients’ specific needs and follow a rigorous and proven framework, including qualitative and quantitative assessment factors.

We have extensive experience with procurement departments and the OJEU process, and we assist our clients with the design and implementation of selection exercises. Where required, we also monitor the ongoing performance of those managers selected and hold them to account. We assist from initial scoping to beauty parades and manager interviews.

Our clients get better results:

  1. A process that identifies the best managers for the mandate
  2. Competitive fees (we benchmark and assist in negotiations)
  3. Comprehensive monitoring designed to meet their needs


Venture Capital Jargon Buster

In this guide, we will highlight key terms, phrases and words which are currently the most important and regularly used in Venture Capital (VC) and give the reader not just definitions, but also where applicable, practical examples and context.

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