Risk Management

Generate and analyse detailed risk reports at fund and portfolio levels presentable to the fund / GP board.

Monitoring risk is a matter of necessity. All investment returns involve some degree of risk; however, the reverse is not necessarily true. It is important to have a solid understanding of the key risks of your fund and portfolio, including a detailed mitigation plan, in order to understand the impact potential risks may have on the manager, fund and its investors.

MJ Hudson team takes a bespoke approach to risk management, recognising the importance of tailoring your risk management policy to the fund profile and investment strategy. We will help you set and monitor the risk appetite for the fund and provide a plug-in infrastructure that will help you manage them. Where appropriate MJ Hudson utilises top class technology solutions directly integrated into fund administrator and/or prime broker systems to take an independent portfolio feed on a daily basis.

The risk management team can run from daily to six monthly compliance checks against regulatory rules and prospectus mandates as well as NAV verification checks. For liquid funds this includes the full range of derivatives monitoring including global exposure, counterparty exposure and leverage, including both VaR and commitment approach.