Reporting and Investor Communications

Keep your investors engaged and ready for the re-up with user friendly, eye-catching and engaging communications.

Reaching out to new investors is important, but keeping those that are already invested is vital to the success of any fund manager. One of the areas of communications that has most room for improvement is reporting. Transactional messages such as drawdown notices are also often a missed opportunity and any fund manager only communicating with its investors as part of the reporting cycle or during a transaction is in danger of falling behind.

After establishing the number and nature of the fund’s investors and assessing the fund manager itself, we develop a programme of investor communications to support reporting and transactional notices. Where available we will reference any key messaging and branding guidelines – we can develop these if they do not already exist. Of course, we also take on the work of producing the reporting and drawdown communications and can work closely with fund administrators (in-house or outsourced) on both of these.

The result of improved reporting and IR is closer relationships with your investors and a more efficient process, next time you need to hit the fundraising trail.


Brexit Report Vol. 2

The report shows the expected impact of the Brexit vote on headcount in the City and asset flows in and out of the UK, at both industry and asset class levels.

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