Regulated Operator

Launch and operate your collective investment scheme (“CIS”) efficiently through our regulated Operator offering without the need to obtain you own permissions.

Establishing or operating a CIS is a regulated activity requiring authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). This process can be expensive and time consuming if you look to obtain these permissions yourself. MJ Hudson provides and efficient and cost-effective solution.

As Regulated Operator, we enable our clients to focus entirely on deal origination, execution and portfolio value creation, rather than spending time on activities that are non-core and increasingly burdensome from an administrative perspective. We review records to ensure compliance with FCA rules, approve admission and withdrawal of interests in the CIS, act as point contact for service providers, review and approve investment decisions, monitor the progress of transactions and review financial information for the CIS at appropriate periods.

Our team will help you run your CIS more smoothly, giving your investors comfort, knowing that you have a team with deep operational expertise behind you.