Reviewing and Negotiating Primary Fund Investments

Enhance GP/LP alignment and negotiate better terms and protections for your private fund investments.

Private funds are becoming more opaque, despite recent regulatory attempts (such as AIFMD) to make them more transparent, and fund legal documents are becoming more and more complex. This makes the net result of a primary fund investment increasingly hard to understand.

MJ Hudson seeks to deconstruct these complexities and provide guidance on the terms of every fund reviewed. MJ Hudson has pooled its extensive private funds experience, gathered from acting over a number of years for both GPs and LPs and working in-house at both fund managers (e.g. Coller Capital, Credit Suisse and Man Group) and institutional investors (e.g. Capital Dynamics, EIF and USS), and formed a dedicated team of specialist lawyers who have considerable experience acting for institutional investors making investments in private funds. With the benefit of this experience, MJ Hudson assists its LP clients by enhancing GP/LP alignment on every investment fund reviewed and negotiated.

Few law firms offer a one-stop solution for LPs’ needs across the primary, co-investment and secondary sectors, with a sufficient depth of legal and market experience to devote across all such sectors. MJ Hudson has aimed to provide a solution to that problem through the creation of the LP Unit, focused solely on the requirements of its LP clients.


This research analyses the current terms and conditions of private equity and venture capital funds, comparing the results with the findings of MJ Hudson’s previous research. It discusses both the drivers behind current trends in terms and conditions, as well as the implications for both investors in private equity funds and those managing such funds.

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