Portfolio Company ESG Value Creation

Employ our proprietary frameworks and solutions to drive ESG value creation in your portfolio.

Whilst an ESG initiative might sometimes be conceived as an exercise in risk management, our experience of analysing more than 200 companies has shown us that there is at least as much to gain, from a value creation perspective.

By forming a long-term view of how ESG factors and sustainability are likely to impact the sector and markets in which a portfolio company operates, we can certainly help you identify any risks, but we can also spot new opportunities for growth and performance improvement. In essence, our goal is to make these factors a part of the equity story for your portfolio companies.

We can support you across the entire investment cycle. Often, our involvement begins at the investment strategy and policy creation stage, or as a part of ESG due diligence around opportunity screening and investment, but we can also work with you on your existing portfolio. And our award-winning suite of monitoring and reporting tools means that you can trust us to provide you with advanced  indications of both risks and opportunities in the portfolio, as well as with all the information you need to satisfy the requirements of your investors.


ESG Factors in Private Equity Investing

The Guide aims to assist fund managers and investors in understanding how the private equity market is treating ESG issues and how to quickly evaluate which policies meet specific requirements.

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