Outsourced Trading Advice and Search

Outsourcing of Buyside trading requires key consideration of the costs & risks incurred and benefits provided and how this advantage both shareholders, beneficiaries and or clients.

At MJ Hudson, we think that well delivered outsourcing shouldn’t need make a compromise between cost saving and quality. Our advisory and search services provide the following:

  • Assessment of Costs and Suitability – Making the choice to outsource requires consideration of costs, process, controls, systems and quality. At MJ Hudson we perform an assessment of the impact of outsourcing that ensures a clear rationale and justification in delivering outsourcing changes.
  • Assessment of Execution Quality – Prior to engaging an outsourcing provider, it is important to assess the incumbent level of execution quality to ensure clear benchmarking of future deliverables. At MJ Hudson we perform a full review of execution quality and costs
  • Advice on Regulatory and Operational Requirements – A change in trading process presents practical implication across both regulatory and operational functions. At MJ Hudson we have deep markets, operational and regulatory experience which is utilised to ensure any outsourcing is fit for purpose
  • Provider Search and Due Diligence – Choosing an Outsourced Trading provider is complicated by the number and type of providers and the different styles and capabilities on offer. At MJ Hudson we perform a full and in-depth search and due-diligence of providers to meet the specific requirements at the right price.

Considerations of In-house vs Outsourced Trading


Outsourced Trading

Regulatory, market and financial pressures continue to erode transitional asset management industry margins. These pressures have promoted many to consider how their businesses are structured and which functions remain core and which can be outsourced. This paper reviews the background to these pressures and considers the arguments to outsource an Investment Manager’s trading capabilities.

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