Operational Infrastructure

Full day to day oversight and management of all service providers acting as your own internal COO function and middle office team

In addition to strict regulatory obligations investors and regulators alike are pushing managers to increase their operational infrastructure and minimise operational risk.

The regulatory obligations enforce managers to carry out annual due diligence assessments on all service providers to the fund structure. Investors, especially institutions, are therefore also carrying out increasing levels of due diligence on the operational infrastructure at the level of funds and fund management teams. This includes analysis of the size of the team, provision of various policies and processes such as compliance, valuation, risk management and administration. As our clients grow they often find it difficult to grow their middle office teams at the same pace. This all causes bottlenecks and stifles growth as adding significant headcount within management teams for middle and back office personnel is time consuming and often an afterthought.

MJ Hudson’s AIFM and ManCo teams take on the operational responsibility on behalf of our clients. We also offer this service as an outsourced solution to act as an immediate and variable add on for existing middle office teams. Our operational teams often face off against institutional investors to ensure they have confidence that the structures will be managed within the regulatory framework and that there are sufficient levels of professionals executing the day to day functions of the fund structure.

MJ Hudson will deliver a full middle office operational infrastructure ensuring our clients have more time to focus on investment performance and reducing the risk of operational failures / breaches.