Modelling and Cashflow Management

Whether starting out or well established it is important to keep track of cashflow and budgeting at both manager and fund levels.

Both emerging or first time managers and well established asset management houses need to stay on top of their cashflow forecasts. Be it for regulatory and ICAAP reasons or for basic income and outgoings projections. These budgets need to be maintained at both the level of the manager as well as each fund.

MJ Hudson’s team support our clients by either creating new financial models or reviewing and managing existing ones. We leverage our expertise and deep understanding of investment structures and waterfall calculations to advise clients on their forecasts and ensure models capture all likely cashflow impacts. This assists clients to navigate the various phases of the investment life cycle and ensure capital adequacy requirements are continuously met. Our experienced accounting team can also access and manage bank accounts to help process payments and ensure due processes are maintained and all outgoings and income is properly tracked and registered with a sufficient audit trail.

Enabling asset managers to have tighter control of their expenses and easier business planning.