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Video captures the passion, conviction and charisma of human beings. It also allows a manager to be in a thousand rooms at once. There is no better medium to use to tell your story. A good video can entirely eliminate the need for an introductory meeting and change the trajectory of the sales process. There is also no better way to profile interest. Nobody accidentally watches a two-minute video.

Website and digital footprint

Your website is what speaks when investors don’t want to talk—which is more often than not.

It is easy to overlook the signals that a poorly designed website and tired imagery send to investors, business partners, potential clients and employees. Is your team’s personality coming across? Does your online presence feel consistent with your brand and is it communicating relevant information?

It is possible to hire a generalist agency to build your website, but this is sure to result in significant internal (often senior) resources being dragged into a project that may take much longer to complete than anticipated and ultimately fail to deliver. Work with a team that knows your market, your customers and your firm.

In addition to the website, we can help design and manage your entire digital footprint, including social media profiles and postings from the firm, itself, and your leadership team.

Marketing Presentation and Digital Deck

We speak investor.

Translating your vision, strategy and experience into a format that is easy for investors to grasp and inspires them to back you is no easy task. Relying on tired messaging and templated materials is not the path to smooth fundraising. Your materials must tell your story the right way and demonstrate your right to exist—in a clear, persuasive and memorable way.

Using a proprietary scorecard, based on more than 15 years of interviewing investors, we establish the gaps in your current materials and how to get your message across the best way. We make sure investors have what they need to reach a positive outcome at each step of the process and help you set up your materials so that you won’t waste valuable time on investors that cannot or will never invest.

Digital decks are designed to be light and fast tools. We take the high points of the marketing presentation, screen the information to make sure compliance won’t have any issues and build out your story on a personal URL.

We can also boil things down even further to produce a concise and impactful executive summary.

View some examples of our work, here.


The MJ Hudson and eVestment Private Markets Work-Life Balance Report

In 2019, the research teams of eVestment Private Markets and MJ Hudson reached out to individuals, across the world’s private markets, inviting them to participate in a new study, investigating the balance between their professional and personal lives.

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