Investment Due Diligence

Analyse investment strategy, investment process, risk management, personnel background, track record and peer group performance.

Due diligence is a vital component of any investment decision-making. The combination of a blind pool investment method with the redemption restrictions found in many hedge funds means that investors need to have high levels of conviction in the managers. Investors into closed-ended funds, such as private equity and infrastructure, will typically also have a 10-12 year fund life to contend with.

This conviction in a fund manager is not possible without a thorough understanding of the opportunity being addressed, the investment strategy employed and the quality of execution (in terms of both personnel and investment process).

We provide in-depth research and due diligence on investment opportunities, including complex individual debt and equity investment/co-investment opportunities. Our approach focuses on understanding the investment strategy and how it differs relative to its peers; the track record of the fund and its team; the experience of its key investment professionals; the strength of the investment process; and the risk management approach. All of our services are customised to each client’s needs.

Our investment due diligence service can be delivered as an integrated solution, alongside our proprietary operational due diligence methodology and legal due diligence. Whether delivered in isolation or with these other services, our clients achieve a new level of insight into the quality of the funds we assess.



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