VC: Incubators and Accelerators

Explore and implement the incubator, accelerator or corporate VC model that best suits your vision.

Even the brightest founders appreciate the value that a well-run, well-networked incubator/accelerator can add to the value of their start-up. Executing a disruptive start-up idea well requires the right partners, ones who can help scale quickly by bringing together the right mentors and the right commercial opportunities, enhancing the value proposition and triggering quicker growth.

We have a proven track record in working with groups looking to launch a platform which incubates or accelerates start-ups in any given sector. Whether an independent project, or as part of a strategic corporate initiative, we will work alongside you, exploring different structuring options to determine the most suitable option and taking into account, for instance, team incentive arrangements, partner priorities and the ability to scale the platform if needed.

We will provide you with the appropriate incubator/accelerator structure together with advice on the relevant processes and documents you will need going forward when the program launches.


How to Launch a Private Equity / Venture Capital Fund

Providing start-up managers with comprehensive, commercial advice on how to form and raise their first fund.

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