GP and Fund Restructurings

Move forwards with fund restructurings and related liquidity solutions, advised and supported by lawyers who have walked in your shoes.

When a particular fund is not meeting expectations or is experiencing delays in exiting its portfolio, GPs may opt to restructure by turning to external investors for additional capital or offering existing LPs a route to liquidity. Conversely, when faced with such situations, existing LPs may seek to re-negotiate the terms of their investment with the fund manager.

Whether acting for GPs or LPs, our team will leverage its in-house experience as primary and secondary market investors to devise and deliver tailored fund liquidity and other solutions that re-incentivise fund managers, offer existing LPs liquidity, and facilitate the injection of new capital to support and enhance portfolio assets.

Once a bespoke structure has been put into place, the re-incentivised fund manager will be well placed to restore its track record, whilst existing LPs and new investors will benefit from enhanced liquidity and GP alignment.


Creditors – Getting a Seat at the Negotiating Table

This guide aims to provide creditors with a better understanding of the legal and commercial complexities of the European restructuring market, and gives guidance on how to influence a restructuring or turnaround process in order to protect or create value for creditors.

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