Fundraising Support

Everything we do across brand development and marketing materials will be relevant for you if you are raising a fund or looking to develop your investor relationships, but there are specific areas where you may need additional support.

Fundraising Strategy and Communications Support

By undertaking an analysis of your strategy and investor base, we can use our market connectivity and experience to advise on the general strategy of the raise, including hard and soft targets, timings and also the types of investors you should be contacting. We are masters at building momentum and removing friction from a process.

We can also advise on whether it makes sense to engage a specialist placement agent or third-party marketing firm and can assist in the assessment and selection of relevant partners.

Once the strategy is agreed upon, few things are more important than a well thought out plan to build awareness and drive interest around the project. We will work with your team to put this together. This plan includes a detailed blocking chart around content marketing; an analysis of which events to attend; all direct marketing initiatives; a schedule around public relations activities; the accommodation of roadshows; any specialized collateral requirements; and a detailed budget.

Materials and due diligence documentation

Our unique combination of technical expertise, market knowledge and experience allows you to focus on your core activities while we develop the full suite of fundraising materials, including:

  • Summary
  • Pitch book
  • Due Diligence Questionnaire
  • PPM

We can produce and project manage any other materials for your data room—we can also host that for you—providing a range of insightful analytics on investor engagement with each document.

Whether you work with our excellent legal team at MJ Hudson, or with another quality adviser, we work seamlessly with them to produce materials and supporting documentation that convinces of your quality and encourages commitment.


An allocator will not take action without checking references. This can take a huge amount of time and places a significant burden on the investor, as well as anyone they wish to call. We can help to vastly expedite the diligence process by putting together a reference report on your behalf. Imagine the power of handing a prospective LP an extremely comprehensive overview of the thoughts and evaluations of investors, intermediaries and portfolio company managers.

View some examples of our work, here.


The MJ Hudson and eVestment Private Markets Work-Life Balance Report

In 2019, the research teams of eVestment Private Markets and MJ Hudson reached out to individuals, across the world’s private markets, inviting them to participate in a new study, investigating the balance between their professional and personal lives.

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