FCA Direct Authorisation Solutions

Professional support for your firm seeking FCA Direct Authorisation to carry out Regulated Activities in the UK.

Becoming directly authorised for FCA regulated activities in the UK can be a time consuming and expensive process. MJ Hudson will guide you through this with our expert advice.

Our goal is to make the process less daunting for you.

Our guiding approach is that: 

  1. Business friendly: We are here to help you navigate regulatory complexity and help you do business
  2. Risk management: We seek to reduce the financial and reputational risks by helping you establish compliant policies and procedures 

We will do all the heavy lifting on the FCA Application process based on information you provide to us. 

Included within the MJH service and at no extra cost: 

  • We will advise what regulatory activities the business needs to request permission for and this will determine your scope of permissions 
  • We will provide template regulatory documents required to be submitted with the application and work closely with you to ensure it is completed with all the necessary information
  • We will complete all the relevant forms for you 
  • We will assist you in preparing supplementary documents required by the FCA such as financial projections, compliance monitoring, etc 
  • We will submit the application to the FCA on your behalf and provide ongoing assistance responding to any queries received from the FCA Case Officer processing your application  
  • We will calculate the regulatory capital amount that needs to be injected and we can, if required, provide a legal opinion on the issuance of the relevant instruments

Additional services offered:  

  • We can provide template policy documents or your use to ensure that you manage the firm in a compliant fashion once authorised, as expected by the FCA
  • We can provide outsourced compliance support to assist you after FCA Authorisation has been received

Choosing MJ Hudson’s FCA Authorisation Team will save you time and expense. You will benefit from advice and guidance from a market leading team.

For further information, please download our flyer.