ESG Screening and Due Diligence Services

Invest with greater conviction, in the knowledge that your ESG exposure is quantified and manageable.

Whilst significant impact from both a risk management and value creation perspective can be made post-investment, high quality due diligence can help focus resources on the right deals and prepare the way for impactful transformation.

Environmental, social and governance issues can be difficult for generalists to identify and evaluate. Even if traditional due diligence approaches may spot (if not wholly understand) some risks, they are much less likely to discover the value creation triggers in any given business, from an ESG perspective.

We conduct ESG risk assessments and identify value-creation opportunities. We build a model for each of your potential investments that considers how the industry each sits in will likely evolve, from a sustainability perspective, and evaluates how well each company will likely perform in that new environment.

The result, for you, is a portfolio that has been significantly de-risked prior to investment and which is better prepared to thrive, over the long-term.


ESG Factors in Private Equity Investing

The Guide aims to assist fund managers and investors in understanding how the private equity market is treating ESG issues and how to quickly evaluate which policies meet specific requirements.

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