Employment and Partnership Law

Access specialist, risk-based advice on matters of partnership law and on employment and pensions matters at the portfolio company level.

Clients tell us that the established way of providing employment and partnership law advice fails to meet the needs of the modern client. What is needed is practical, user-friendly solutions to help simplify the complexities of employment and partnership law.

We advise on all aspects of employment law, both in the UK and internationally, to clients on their internal employment law and partnership issues, on issues relating to portfolio company management, and on corporate transactions (including TUPE transfers and post-closing restructurings). We ensure that clients receive clear and practical solutions to their issues and are expertly advised during disputes.

We resolve complex and high-value employment, LLP and partnership issues and disputes and our over-riding focus is to provide practical solutions to issues/disputes, tailored to each clients’ risk appetite and values.

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