Distressed Hedge Funds and Investor Relations

There are many occasions throughout the life of a fund where a dispute may arise.   

Often, poor performance maybe the trigger for these disputes (whether arising as a result of liquidity management measures or otherwise), although funds can be vulnerable to a variety of other factors including departures of ‘Key Persons’, market volatility and/or service provider breakdown.

It is of course unfortunate when disputes arise; nonetheless, it is part of the life of a fund and, if managed carefully, is not necessarily fatal. We work with you from the beginning to ensure that your fund is as best placed as possible to deal with extraneous events. Additionally, we may also advise directors on their duties and obligations in such circumstances.

In keeping with our “cradle to grave” approach, there will come a time when the commercial life of the fund will come to an end and the funds will need to be closed-down. We can work with you and your service providers to identify the most time and cost-efficient approach in this process, including advising you on the best course of action when communicating with investors and regulators.

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