Client and Investor Relations

Communication & Analytics

There are very few things more valuable to a marketing process than the effective management of a CRM system and outbound email system. We can implement and manage these systems on your behalf. Our team becomes your team.

We currently help our clients with the following (and we enthusiastically take our own medicine, of course):

  • Contact aggregation, cleaning and management, across your team
  • Adaptation of standard CRM systems to better suit your needs
  • Development and management of opportunity funnel tools, including bespoke lead scoring and associated analytics
  • Creation, distribution and management of all outbound emails, including full analytics
  • Set-up and manage webinars
  • Implement technology to track document and video views, integrating directly with your opportunity funnel
  • Reporting on all of the above

This is a good video to watch:

Thought Leadership and Content Creation

Why not showcase your market knowledge, insight and experience in areas important to your clients, partners, and other stakeholders? They’ll thank you for it, we promise.

Having built up a picture of where your expertise lies, we map this onto those areas particularly prized by your audience. Next, we look for case studies, testimonials and other evidence of this expertise and feature it prominently on your website and through other available channels. We also create targeted content, such as white papers, research studies to promote to key influencers and the press they read.

Effective thought leadership campaigns result in an improvement in perception, awareness and inbound enquiries. You will have a huge advantage over the competition if you convincingly demonstrate your expertise.

Reporting and transactional communications

After establishing the number and nature of the fund’s investors and assessing the fund manager itself, we develop a programme of investor communications to support reporting and transactional notices. Where available we will reference any key messaging and branding guidelines—we can develop these if they do not already exist. Of course, we also take on the work of producing the reporting and transactional communications and can work closely with fund administrators (in-house or outsourced) on both of these.

The result of improved reporting and IR is closer relationships with your investors and a more efficient process the next time you need to hit the fundraising trail.

View some examples of our work, here.


The MJ Hudson and eVestment Private Markets Work-Life Balance Report

In 2019, the research teams of eVestment Private Markets and MJ Hudson reached out to individuals, across the world’s private markets, inviting them to participate in a new study, investigating the balance between their professional and personal lives.

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