Capital Markets

Raise capital on the equity and debt capital markets, through a variety of offering structures, on- and offshore.

Private structures can often be limited in the pools of investor money that they can access, particularly from institutions. A listing enables a structure to demonstrate that it adheres to the standards of transparency and governance of a regulated market, which can be of significant comfort to investors.

While a listed structure may have broader appeal and can enhance both the visibility and profile of an investment proposition, the variety of structures and exchanges available – and the regulatory and administrative burden associated – can be difficult to navigate.

Our capital markets expertise covers equity and debt capital markets, with exchange listings of a broad array of offering structures. With offices and expertise in London, the Channel Islands, and in continental Europe, MJ Hudson is perfectly placed to advise on initial listings or subsequent debt or equity fundraisings on any European Stock Exchange.

MJ Hudson is also authorised to act as sponsor for listing investment vehicles and specialist securities on the Channel Islands Securities Exchange, allowing us to provide a complete service for our clients.

We will assist and advise you on every aspect of the listing process, including preparing and structuring your fund to be an appropriate listed vehicle and producing any associated marketing materials. We will also advise on your continuing obligations once listing is achieved.

With our advice and structuring expertise, you can ensure that you have in place the optimum structure for your fundraising and all of the support you need.


Private Equity Fund Terms Research – Complete 5th Edition

This research analyses the current terms and conditions of private equity and venture capital funds, comparing the results with the findings of MJ Hudson’s previous research. It discusses both the drivers behind current trends in terms and conditions, as well as the implications for both investors in private equity funds and those managing such funds.

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