Branding, Positioning and Communications

Understand the best positioning for you in the market and how to express that clearly and distinctively through your communications, name and visual identity.

Standing out is difficult. Most investors will back only a handful of funds in any given calendar year, even though they may take meetings with several hundred and be marketed to by thousands.
The onus on new managers is therefore significant: They must demonstrate their right to exist before an investor will consider their suitability for investment.

Through a series of workshops and exercises we will work with you and your teams to articulate what makes you relevant and interesting to your most important audiences. We can then help develop a visual identity and a set of key messages – which may evolve over time – to convey this in as impactful and persuasive a manner as possible.

Once your brand and key messages are developed and approved, you and every market-facing member of your team will have the building blocks they require for any marketing and communications campaign. It will be easier for investors, clients and other stakeholders to appreciate what sets your firm apart, even before they have worked with you.


Brexit Report Vol. 2

The report shows the expected impact of the Brexit vote on headcount in the City and asset flows in and out of the UK, at both industry and asset class levels.

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