Strategic Asset Allocation Advice

Access specialist portfolio construction advice, across all asset classes.

Rapidly moving capital markets and changing regulations have resulted in significant challenges for pension funds, insurance companies and other institutional investors. Exacerbated by pressure from stakeholders, there is a need for investors to revisit and update what may prove to be outdated portfolio construction approaches, moving to a modern, integrated, multi-asset investment model.

We work with clients and trustees to identify and refine their strategic objectives with reference to their specific liabilities and desired outcomes and, using state of the art modelling tools, translate them into long-term asset allocation strategies. We are also able to help clients create a best practices governance framework for ongoing portfolio management and support clients with portfolio monitoring and tactical positioning advice.

Once our review is complete, our recommendations will be prepared as a detailed report for key stakeholders, including both qualitative and quantitative analyses to support our recommendations. Through our additional services we are able to assist with the implementation of the plan, conducting manager searches, interviews and other due diligence and investment advisory activities.


Venture Capital Jargon Buster

In this guide, we will highlight key terms, phrases and words which are currently the most important and regularly used in Venture Capital (VC) and give the reader not just definitions, but also where applicable, practical examples and context.

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