Appointed Representative Services

A trusted regulated hosting platform with know-how to access European investors – join the MJ Hudson family of Appointed Representatives (ARs).  

Becoming authorised directly by the FCA can be a very time consuming process – up to 12 months. Firms are required to demonstrate to the FCA that they have a policy and procedure framework to comply with applicable rules and regulations and that they have sufficient regulatory capital. This may require the firm to procure additional compliance expertise, develop a compliance operating framework from scratch and may reduce the availability of working capital to fund growth.

MJ Hudson provides AR solutions to our clients, enabling them to operate within the regulatory framework quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring cost effectiveness is a key focus point.

Under MJ Hudson’s umbrella, a firm can become authorised as an AR within a matter of weeks and at minimal cost. We have two main objectives: 

  1. Business friendly: We are here to help you navigate regulatory complexity and help you do business 
  2. Risk management: We seek to reduce the financial and reputational risks of our ARs and the individuals that own and manage them 

As a Principal Firm we offer a streamlined and efficient on-boarding process. This gives firms the ability to begin regulated activities as soon as possible. Once on-boarded, MJ Hudson agrees with you a bespoke monitoring programme to ensure compliance with the FCA regulations and guidelines applicable to individual ARs. Included within the MJH service and at no extra cost: 

  • Compliance advice and guidance through a dedicated support team; 
  • Training for approved persons;
  • Software solution to streamline compliance tasks and record keeping;
  • Review of investment advice and financial promotions; and 
  • Regulatory reporting to the FCA.

Additionally, our legal experts are available to help with any structuring or shareholder matters and our experienced marketing professionals can provide institutional quality materials to promote your business and/or attract investors. 

Choosing MJ Hudson’s Appointed Representative team will give you access to a market leading compliance function that will help you do business whilst mitigating personal and business risks.

For further information, please download our flyer.