Appointed Representative Services

Carry out regulated activities in the UK and EU without the need to obtain to obtain your own FCA permissions.

Getting regulated for FCA controlled activities is a very time consuming and expensive activity. Companies are required to have high levels of expertise as well as compliance, operational and corporate governance substance and experience. This often requires additional hires and significant workload, as well as an obligation to meet PI insurance and capital adequacy requirements.

Under MJ Hudson’s umbrella, a company can become authorised as an appointed representative within a matter of weeks and at minimal cost.

We have a bespoke and efficient on-boarding process allowing our clients to start regulated activities quickly and efficiently. Once on-boarded, we will ensure ongoing FCA compliance, take responsibility for regulatory reporting, hold relevant capital adequacy and maintain excellent corporate governance checks, ensuring your business can operate efficiently, within the regulatory framework. Our legal experts can help with any structuring or shareholder matters and our experienced marketing professionals can provide you with institutional quality materials to promote your business or attract investors.

By working with MJ Hudson’s Appointed Representative experts, you will greatly reduce your time to market, save costs and have the benefit of a well trained and efficient compliance team working for you, as well as access to any other service you may need to ensure your launch is a success.