Alternative Investment Structures

Find the perfect structure, guided by our team, who will take care of establishment, structuring and all administrative functions. 

Many investment opportunities would prove too costly or unwieldy if they were structured as regulated funds. Establishing alternative structures that incur lower costs without some of the complexities of licensed funds can be an attractive solution.

MJ Hudson is not wedded to one solution. Armed with a thorough understanding of the goals of the project and the environment in which it exists, we build a cross-discipline team with our legal colleagues, ensuring that the advice you receive allows you to select the most appropriate structure for you. We will then establish and administer the chosen structure. We administer very private Jersey funds, protected cell companies (PCCs), incorporated cell companies (ICCs), and special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). We also administer general partner / limited partner structures (GP/LP) and limited liability partnerships (LLPs)

Working with MJ Hudson, you can count on working with the optimum structure, administered effectively. With the wider resources of MJ Hudson to call upon, you can take confidence in the fact that as needs change, you have the right advisers on your side to help guide you every step of the way.

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