Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) & ManCo Services

Launch and operate your fund efficiently through our full-scope AIFM licence and ManCo offering.

Within the global asset management industry generally, asset managers require increasingly more support and advice on governance and regulatory matters as the trend of regulatory complexity continues.

The Alternate Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), sets high standards of business conduct for managing an EU fund, and prescribes various requirements. These include compliance policies and procedures, minimum standards for portfolio and risk management, capital requirements and systemic reporting requirements among others, for both the manager and the fund.

In addition, Investors are pressuring managers to reduce fees and generate growth whilst also pushing for enhanced operational infrastructure and high-quality service to satisfy their own requirements.

Thus creating a requirement for managers to seek to secure operational excellence whilst reducing the overall cost burden on the fund.

MJ Hudson’s fund management services provide a centralised solution to both challenges.
MJ Hudson acts as an independent fund management team with a history of successful portfolio management, risk management and operational services to private debt, private equity, real estate, venture capital, infrastructure and fund of funds. We provide AIFM operational, risk, compliance, valuation, marketing and fund management solutions to our clients.

Using MJ Hudson’s AIFM & ManCo services enables our clients to focus entirely on deal origination, execution and portfolio value creation, rather than spending time on activities that are non-core and increasingly burdensome from an administrative perspective. Not only are our AIFM solutions more cost-effective than obtaining a license oneself; we have the infrastructure and expertise required to maintain operational excellence.

MJ Hudson has fund management teams in the UK, Luxembourg and the Channel Islands that provide our clients with a flexible and economical solution to the challenges of raising and running funds in Europe.

Our company’s network of LPs, GPs and advisers means that we are also able to introduce influential individuals and institutional investors that are a good match for your fund – and now that you have the correct coverage to begin marketing your fund, our legal and investor relations experts can help with the production of fundraising materials and develop a full communications programme to help keep your investors close.

If you are an existing or emerging fund manager, MJ Hudson will offer you a single point of contact to take care of the multitude of activities needed to run a fund efficiently and prudently.

As a licenced and regulated Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), MJ Hudson Management S.A. is required to disclose certain information and policies on its website.

These policies cover the management and operations of MJ Hudson Management S.A. and are applicable to the Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) it manages.

Please find below links to the following policies:

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