ESG & Responsible Investing

Pursue responsible investing strategies that deliver real value and impact.

Our current economic system has brought unprecedented levels of welfare and prosperity. Yet it is clear to all of us that the ways we produce, consume and finance will have to change.

At MJ Hudson Spring, we believe that investors play an important role in this transition. First, to better understand the impacts of their investments on climate change, ecosystems, and society. Second, to challenge their investments to reduce these impacts, but also to capture the opportunities that the transition provides. We support investors in this role, and we enable them to act upon regulatory and stakeholder requirements.

MJ Hudson Spring supports investors in the design and implementation of responsible investment strategies, ranging from negative screening to impact, throughout their investment process. With over 10 years of experience in ESG and RI, we assist a wide array of funds, including private equity firms, asset managers, institutional investors, and family offices.

We build upon strategy and business experience across a range of industries and geographies, combined with specific and up-to-date knowledge of sustainability and ESG topics. Our international team of highly skilled consultants can develop responsible investment strategies that fit your investment philosophy and equity story. We can aid you in the integration of these strategies into your core operations.


Institutional investors

Multi-strategy asset managers

Family offices

Private equity

Private debt

Venture capital

Small cap companies



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