Our approach to looking at tax-advantaged investments is broadly divided into two core assessment areas: Manager and Product. Both consist of sub-categories (“Factors”) which are then further broken down into key components (“Sub-factors”). Each Factor is scored and aggregated back to an overall score for key aspects of both Manager and Product.

In this document, we set out our process, detailing what each of the Factors are, explaining the rationale for each, and how we assess and score the Sub-factors. This methodology is not an exhaustive treatment of all Factors reflected in our approach, but it should enable the reader to understand the key considerations used by MJ Hudson Allenbridge in our analysis.

In this methodology, we also seek to capture key elements of a product, including the important distinctions of working with a Regulatory Manager, and also the potential for both added value and the need to manage a relationship (preferably with aligned incentives) with a Strategic Adviser. We also examine the most common specialist strategies employed by managers in the UK tax-advantaged sector (including VCTs, EISs, BR IHT and AIM IHT services), from AIM investing to media, biotech, operational real estate, and others.

We conclude with a list of further resources for those who would like more information about how we research tax-advantaged investments.

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