Allenbridge is pleased to announce the publication of the first in our new Sector Overview Series of research papers – Tax-Advantaged Investing in the UK Film and Television Industry.

Initially the series will cover the different investment sectors and sub-sectors which are available in the tax-advantaged market. The Allenbridge team will review each sector, evaluate the market opportunities, highlight the different investment models and explain the mechanics of how the typical investments in that sector work. We will also provide an outline of how we evaluate the investment offerings and how we apply Allenbridge’s analytical methodology.

We picked the UK Film and Television sectors as the first in our series given that the industry is one of Britain’s major exports. As an industry, in addition to generating revenue, it has wider social and economic benefits, boosting tourism and enhancing Britain’s soft power and global branding overseas. It is also a fast growing sector within the tax-advantaged investment market with many EIS product offerings launching in the last 12 months.

We hope that you find this report both useful, in a practical sense, and informative, and we look forward your feedback and suggestions of additional areas where our research can be helpful. Please email us on

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